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Are you a woman founder and business owner ready to launch or expand your business now?

Are you coming up against obstacles keeping your business from growing as fast as you want it to?

Are you ready to make a shift this year?

Get energized, focused, and equipped to accelerate the success of your business now.


You’ll learn business and marketing mastery skills and tactics to grow your business in leaps and bounds.


Your leadership capacity will expand, and your confidence and influence will increase to more effectively inspire your team, partners, advisors, and potential funders to action.


You’ll be an integral part of a committed community of women entrepreneurs that champions you, your business, your leadership, and your success.
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The Program

Business mastery is critical to your success. But it’s not the only factor.

Your success depends on how well you integrate business mastery with personal mastery, the clarity of your vision, your leadership capacities – and the strength of your community and support network in championing you and your vision.

Business Mastery

You’ll get onto a faster path to profit with strategic marketing and execution.

Apply proven startup techniques for effectively launching and scaling your business.

Committed Community

You’ll build deep relationships and develop a network of champions who will vouch for your vision and capabilities.

Support yourself with a community that celebrates your wins and holds you in your setbacks.

Your Personal Best

Deepen your connection to what is important to you and how to create it in your life on your terms.

Cultivate resilience and confidence to ask for what you want powerfully.


Gain clarity and set the direction for your startup, your life and the impact you want to have in the world.

Learn to ignite others with your vision and passion and create a network of champions.


Build confidence to influence others and mobilize team and resources on behalf of your business.

Expand leadership capacities to create better relationships with teams, supporters, customers and other leaders.

Program Leaders

Your LEAP leaders collectively have over 40 years of experience with leadership development, entrepreneurship, personal coaching, marketing, business model development, and sales.

We’re here to serve you – to bring our experience, skills, wisdom, and research to you with creative content, fun exercises, and meaningful relationships that will be instrumental in your success.

Kathryn Gorges
Kathryn GorgesCEO & Founder WomenLaunch
Kathryn is a consultant, instructor, and business coach with over 17 years of experience in high tech marketing, business management, and sales with startups and corporations.
“I see possibilities in people every day, all the time. I was inspired to found WomenLaunch so that I can do something about the potential I see in the women I meet. To create experiences and situations where women can have the time and the light to bring out their absolute best and leave constraints behind. We do that together, in committed community, for each other. At WomenLaunch, we envision a world full of powerful women CEO’s running successful businesses of all sizes in all industries.”

Kathryn has spoken at conferences, workshops, meetings, and corporations on topics ranging from the future of marketing and social media to the application of high availability systems in the financial industry. She teaches Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners at UC Berkeley Extension in San Francisco, CA and Market Traction for Startups. Kathryn is also president of the Stanford Entrepreneur Alumni Group. She has held marketing and sales leadership positions at IBM, Amdahl, Stratus, and Tandem and has served in executive roles on non-profit boards and community organizations. She co-founded a charter school and was president of its operating board.

Areas of expertise:

• Marketing: messaging, positioning, branding, traction, product, communications, advertising

• Sales: relationship selling, B2B, B2C

• Business model development

• General management

She has a Masters in Philosophy from Stanford University, a BS in Mathematics from William and Mary, and an MBA from Santa Clara University.

Roxanne Kichar
Roxanne KicharExecutive Leadership Expert
Roxanne is a Leadership Development professional with over 15 years experience designing and leading programs for corporate leadership. She is an experienced corporate coach for women leaders.
Roxanne is a Leadership Development professional with over 15 years experience designing and leading programs for corporate leadership. She has delivered over 50 professional development seminars in health care, education, defense, non-profit, and the high-tech industries. Roxanne managed several Learning and Development organizations in Silicon Valley including Lockheed Martin. She helped them build their leadership capabilities resulting in improved execution of key business deliverables.

Roxanne is an experienced corporate coach for women leaders. She is currently a mentor/coach for Women Unlimited, LLC, a national organization that fosters female talent providing 6 month programs for leadership development. She equips up-and-coming high potential women in corporate settings with the skills, inner confidence and strategies to achieve higher positions in their companies.

A dynamic facilitator, Roxanne brings her positive energy and focus on results to her workshops. She is a creative course designer and effective facilitator who uses her coaching skills and training expertise to create engaging “communities of learning.

Roxanne is passionate about working with brilliant women who want like to “push their edge” in their personal development as well as in building their businesses. She uses Neuroscience principals, Positive Psychology and Action Coaching models in her work. She specializes in using the MBTI and Enneagram personality models in deepening client’s awareness of their personality strengths and weaknesses.

Roxanne is s Senior Consultant with The Piras Group, a Leadership Consultancy that provides Executive Coaching and Consulting on leadership and team development to Silicon Valley companies. Clients include Stanford University, San Francisco Airport, Intuit, Lam Research, Jeppesen, Immersion and many other high-tech companies.


B.A., Psychology, University of Bridgeport

M.S.W., Social Work, San Jose State University


Roxanne lives in the Santa Cruz Mountains with her husband and two children.

Irene Fehr
Irene FehrPersonal Power Coach
Irene is a Fire Igniter and Women’s Power Coach. She works with savvy, progressive, high-achieving women who want to be feminine beyond words and powerful beyond measure.
Irene is a Fire Igniter and Women’s Power Coach. She works with savvy, progressive, high-achieving women who want to be feminine beyond words and powerful beyond measure to help them ask for what they want unapologetically – from the bedroom to the boardroom. She is a fierce champion of empowering women to show up bold, passionate and authentic and change the world with their fire.

In addition to founding her Ignited Woman Coaching practice, Irene brings 10+ years of marketing and communications experience with some of the world’s largest brands, including Deutsche Bank, Symantec and VMware. Combining that with her experience as a woman entrepreneur, Irene brings a blend of deep human insights and business experience to help women own their power and influence those around them with their passion, vision and presence.  Irene is one of the founding coaches of The Coaching Fellowship, which offers coaching to young women making a difference in the world.

Areas of expertise:

• Feminine leadership, presence and influence

• Direct communication and man/woman dynamics

• Expressing boundaries and saying no

• Fear, guilt and resentment management

Irene received her coaching training at the internationally-accredited Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and her sexuality coaching training at OneTaste. She graduated from Barnard College with a BA in Economics and Philosophy and Stanford University with an MA in Philosophy.

Program Details

LEAP is a 100% live and virtual program designed for busy women entrepreneurs to immerse yourself in, get inspired by, and leap into action. It’s packed with top business practices, thought-provoking exercises that keep you engaged and expanding your comfort zone, and interaction with each other to inspire and learn. Plus, personal 1:1 coaching with a leadership coach to help you overcome roadblocks.

20 weeks of interactive 2-hour live sessions

100% live and face-to-face online video

Every Wednesday

Dynamic Program Content

20 weekly dynamic virtual content sessions of exercises, exploration, and experimentation.

Followed by group coaching and Q&A.

Content You Can Keep

Workbook with exercises and content.

Recordings of training and Q&A calls for you to listen to at any time.

Personal and Group Coaching

Personal 1:1 coaching with master coaches.

Group coaching where you can ask your questions and glean lessons from others.

Care, Support, Growth

Ongoing love and support as you do the inner work and build your business.

Community Connection

Mastermind calls with program participants to build community, connection and interdependence.

Accountability buddy to help you stay on track with your dream.

Build Committed Community

You’ll walk away from this program with long-lasting, committed relationships to help you sustain your business and personal growth.

Collaborative Support Network

Online community forum to share successes and seek support.

Collaboration to keep you in the game and thriving.

Exploration and Celebrations

This is a safe space to ask questions, share realizations, celebrate wins and failures, and let the community know what you’re up to.

Guest Speakers and Experts

Talks and classes from entrepreneurs and coaches to expand on the curriculum.

Exposure to multiple perspectives.

Build Your Resource Circle

Learn from investors, advisors, and entrepreneurs from an insider’s view.

Lifetime Course Access

You’ll receive access to this program and the community for the lifetime of the course.

Access all resources on demand.

Stay in Touch

Post-program events and alumni community so you can continue to grow your connections.

Program Modules

The program covers six most important aspects of a growing business. Each module of content will focus on a theme and will include content on business mastery, cultivation of leadership skills and development of your personal best.

In addition, you’ll have one mastermind call with program participants a week and a personal coaching session every four weeks.

Business Mastery:

Develop a vision that sustains you and informs your action on daily basis, from concept development, to market testing, to raising funding, to working with co-founders, to operations decisions.


Cultivate your strengths and authentic leadership qualities and use with influence on behalf of your vision and your team. Gain confidence.

Your Personal Best:

Work through challenges to staying with vision such as fear, self sabotage, uncertainty, feeling out of control and setbacks.

Business Mastery:

Learn tools and methodologies to effectively match your solution with the people who most need it most and are willing to pay for it. Hone in on your target market audience and develop your customer development tactics.


Learn how to lead a team through the customer development stage with powerful leadership skills. Learn how to build a culture of constructive failure and support team through stages of experimentation.

Your Personal Best:

Develop resilience to face criticism and possible lack of validation of your idea; letting go of control; putting yourself out there & letting go of ego; sitting in uncertainty and the unknown; vulnerability is power here.

Business Mastery:

Develop a greater community and expand spheres of support to create buzz, visibility and traction. Understand the different team models for success and determine which fulfills your goals.


Learn the most effective influence skills to build relationships, be an igniter – in a way that is authentic to your leadership style.

Your Personal Best:

Develop your confidence to speak publicly, articulate your vision passionately, and stand in the limelight during the cheers and the jeers.

Business Mastery:

Understand the options and determine what resources you need and when you need them, including types of capital/funding and implications on your business; the intricacies of pitching.


Learn influence skills, how to hold people accountable, and how to having difficult conversation around terms, money and conflict resolution.

Your Personal Best:

Learn to stand confidently in your boundaries and your “no” and ask for what you want and how you want it unapologetically.

Business Mastery:

Develop the right operational structure for your business to effectively manage cash flow, meet milestones, set up supply chain. Set up the right financial structures, KPIs and support staff to work for you. Implement processes for consistency and quality control – while staying flexible.


Develop your authentic management style that gives you power to delegate while taking charge. Learn how to manage being the macro leader making executive decisions, while having an eye on the micro details of the business.

Your Personal Best:

Learn to stay grounded in self care to stay focused, energized and effective during production spurts. How to ask for what you need from your community and loved ones to support you.

Business Mastery:

Learn strategies to grow your market and revenue steadily and scale your business through marketing and growth hacking tactics. Determine what model fits your business and personal goals.


Create a model for your business that aligns to your personal vision, your vision for your business and your authentic leadership style.

Your Personal Best:

Pave the way for the expansion of your business by expanding your comfort zone and stepping into a new way of being powerful.

Your Investment

Regular investment: $3,497

Ask us about co-founder pricing and extra benefits.

Applications deadline: We are currently accepting applications for future programs.

Application Process

After you submit your application, we will review it within 48 hours to determine if the program is the right fit and if we can deliver you the results you’re looking for. Once we decide to work together, you’ll be asked to pay the full price within 48 hours to secure your spot.

Apply Now

This program is for you if …

  • You’re a woman entrepreneur and founder building a scalable business (in any industry).
  • You’ve done some client research and have the beginnings of a minimum viable product (MVP) or a prototype and are ready to test or launch it in the market.
  • You have some client traction, but may or may not have paying clients.
  • You want to build a scalable business that will sustain you financially in the next five years.
  • You want to be part of a supportive community of ambitious women entrepreneurs and are ready to support other women.
  • You are ready to move through internal blocks that are keeping you from taking bigger risks and going after what you want.
  • You want to learn to be influential, effective and powerful in all areas of your business and your life.
  • You want to show up confidently as the woman you are and leverage these as strengths – in business and in life.
  • You are fed up with acting like a man and leaning in to the business world and want to create financial and personal success on your terms.

This program is NOT for you if …

  • You’re in the stage of thinking about starting a business and don’t yet have a specific product or business idea.
  • You’re a solo-preneur and are looking for to continue on your own or as a hobby business.
  • You may have concerns and complaints about your business but you’re unwilling to invest in its growth.
  • You are looking merely for techniques for business growth but are not interested in doing the personal inner work to show up more powerfully as a leader.
  • Your business is established and growing steadily. (Awesome – tell us your story! Or sign up to be a mentor.)


This Leadership program will be held solely online through video in group meetings and over the phone. Curriculum will be administered via an online video tool.  We’ll be using an online meeting tool that shows up to 25 video and/or audio streams simultaneously so that we can all be ‘in the same room’ together and get to know each other.  You can access this on your laptop or mobile devices.
Don’t worry! All sessions, except for personal coaching and buddy accounting sessions, will be recorded and downloadable for you to access from anywhere at anytime.
We start on Wednesday and go on for six months. There will be a different session every Wednesday, including teaching sessions, a group mastermind call and guest speakers. The schedule will be posted soon.
There will be one 2-hour call every week, which will be available as recordings. As the calls will be interactive, packed with transformational practices and exercises, we highly encourage for you to attend these live.

Beyond that, it will be up to you to create the time and space to sit with, practice, and implement everything you are learning. It’s also up to you to connect with an assigned accountability buddy with whom you can meet as you wish. You can also access the online forum to post your questions, discussions and ask for support.

You can truly spend as little or as much time as works for you. Like most things, what you put in will be what you get out. Everyone will have their rhythm, and everyone will be supported to find, nurture, and accept that rhythm. We will support you in crafting your own journey here! There is an incredible framework to use as you are ready for it: you’ll have lifetime access to all of the materials, to return to again and again. Everything is recorded, which frees you up even more to go at your own pace. Also since it’s a 6-month long program, your energy input will of course fluctuate with your life — and we welcome that.

We are accepting 16 women into the program. This program is meant to be small and intimate so that all of you can get to know each other, collaborate and leap forward together.
We care deeply that you get everything you need in this program. We encourage you to show up for this work and join us in the group discussions and coaching calls as well as in online forums – even if that pushes you outside of your comfort zone. In addition to group coaching calls, you will also have one personalized, 1:1 coaching session each month with an assigned coach. At any point in your journey, whether you have hit a rough patch or just want more personalized support, you’re welcome to sign up for additional private coaching sessions with your coach.
LEAP is a non-refundable investment. We gave a lot of thought as to whether or not we’d offer a refund policy — and we’ve decided not to offer one. This is not a product you can try out and return: it’s a 20-week-long, participatory experience that you must commit to. It’s a deepening process that empowers you to build your business, even (especially!) when life gets in the way.

If you need to cancel your participation in the program before the first session and after making payment, we will refund your payment excluding a $250 non-refundable fee. If you need to cancel within the 1st week of the program, we will refund your payment excluding a $500 fee. We can no longer refund your payment after the 1st week of the program is complete.

You will explore the different resources you need to fund your business. You’ll have the pieces to put together a power pitch to get funding. You’ll be on the path to market proof to get funding. Being part of this program widens your community of connections. The leaders of the program all have a variety of connections in the investment community.
This program is about getting into action for your business. What results you want depend on your business and your goals. The structure of the program, including content, 1:1 coaching, mastermind calls, and special guests, is designed to have you get clear on what you need to do and keep you accountable. The results will depend on how much you’re willing to do.

If you don’t achieve any results in your business in this program, we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

We’re happy to answer any additional questions you might have.  You can send them to LEAP (at) WomenLaunch (dot) com.

We are here to support you and your business to grow in leaps and bounds

We believe that entrepreneurship is deeply rewarding and it’s also hard work. And you don’t have to go at it alone.

Join us and a community of women entrepreneurs to support your growth and your business.

It would be our honor to support you in your journey of building and scaling your business and developing a leadership model that sustains you.

Kathryn, Irene and Roxanne

Kathryn Gorges CEO WomenLaunchRoxanne Kichar Executive Leadership
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Our Values…

As women entrepreneurs ourselves, we are paving the way with a new women’s entrepreneurial leadership model that focuses on our strengths as women, our vision and passion – and business mastery strategies that work to create a successful and profitable business.

Here is what we know from our own experience:

Success In Purpose and Profits

We have a purpose and we care about profits.

We are here to create and build successful, profitable businesses based on our passions and strengths. We believe that money is a powerful ally in creating a fulfilling and rich life of purpose. Women are often scared to take a stand for our financial worth, which undermines our ability to grow and scale our business.

Power In Who We Are

For us as women, how we live is important.

We want to be aligned with our strengths and passions and bring all of us forward – to feel a sense of connection between who we are and what we bring into the world. We want to integrate – not merely balance – work and life. We want to be energized and fired up about our lives and feel good about what we do. We capitalize on our strengths as women and use that as a foundation for a solid business.

Leaping Into the Unknown

Leaning in does not work for entrepreneurship.

Leaning into mainstream power structures may work in the corporate world to get a step ahead. When you’re creating a business from scratch, you need to learn to stand in what’s important to you and leap into the unknown to create something new. And you need the leadership capacities, executive skills, and supportive community to be successful.

Vision, Passion, and Values

At the heart of successful entrepreneurship is our vision.

When we focus on nurturing ourselves and creating a strong vision for ourselves and our business based on what’s important to us, we build and make powerful decisions that reflect our vision and values. Not the other way around.

Our Partners

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